Students at work in Microbio 102
Reading tests in Micorbio 102
Students at work in Microbio 102
Students at work in Microbio 551
Professor Paustian consulting with a student about their work.
Testing a DNA sample's quality using the nanodrop
Material ready for class

Microbiology Club

UW Microbiology Club welcomes all majors and years to join!

Our club aims to immerse students into the diverse world of microbiology, regardless of major. While this club is based in microbiology, it is important for us to foster interests of everyone involved so we do both microbiology-related activities as well as activities to hang out and/or study! Throughout the year we will have guest speakers talking about their research and opportunities for YOU to join the executive board!

Best of all, UW Microbiology Club is free to all students and food is provided at every meeting!

For updates on meetings and rooms, please email the club at and add us on Instagram @microbioclubmadison!


Previous activities have included:

  • Study Days
  • Faculty Speakers
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Behind-the-Scenes Brewery Tours
  • Fermentation / Food Production Events
    • Yogurt, Wine, etc.